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Mr. Ugo Cabret, the founding father of UGO CABRET, was born within an ordinary family in Germany in 1849. Since years as a child, they have shown a distinctive rigor and talent, and has developed keen desire for handcraft and machines manufacturing. At age 8, he unintentionally passed the eyeglasses And watches store within the town, and observed the personally eyeglasses-making procedure for the store proprietor, that was meticulous, strenuous, and very luxurious. Little glasses and small anchoring screws and add-ons all be elaborately decorated and polished. This set of glasses in the eyeballs of the young Ugo Cabret has become a excellent thing of beauty. Hard work repays. After many years of intensively research, he began their own glasses hand work shop in 1879, founded the renowned high-end eyeglasses designer brand name UGO CABRET in Germany, a cradle of brilliant handcraft talents. UGO CABRET

  1. Address: Otto-Hahn-Ring 681739 München.
  2. City, Country: München, Germany.
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Within the hand workshop of Mr. Ugo Cabret, all of the production process has demanding specifications, from your unique way of cutting frames and fine hand engraving at early phase to the details treatment of the frame Logo design, are embodied the efforts of craftsmen. Ugo Cabret eyeglasses, as well as the selection of K precious metal, 925 silver, titanium, plastic page as well as other traditional components, will pay more attention to customer needs to offer clients with precious uncooked materials customization services. Professional craftsmen team and unique design design have introduced Ugo Cabret with lots of worldwide design awards, allowing the brand to rapidly earned popularity in aristocratic course globally. Mr. UGO CABRET insists that a set of good glasses ought to to begin with give people the feeling of yearning for wearing immediately at first glance, a great design should not only focus on at appropriate crowd and race, but can also love a artwork, jewelry or other art work to become passed lower in every family members, carrying the feelings and thoughts of the loved ones and bearing the history and culture of the family members.

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UGO CABRET inherited the behest of Mr. Ugo Cabret. As a traditional eyeglass business in Germany, the company disarms the obstacles enforced by technology and science on traditional handicrafts and retains advanced artisan workmanship and-end impartial design style. UGO CABRET adds new suggestions and innovative elements to traditional design thought, guaranteeing product components pureness by independent high-end uncooked materials supply. Each pair of glasses properly-developed and produced by the brand's master group topics to rigid item details standard. Despite of rare production underneath the accuracy function, UGO CABRET has constantly taken care of a cardiovascular system of craftsman in the pursuit of ideal over the years. opticals

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"Good personnel are always more accurate and more flexible than robots, which is the distinction between products and works of artwork." In UGO CABRET eyeglass workshop, the production of eyeglasses, for tradesmen, is not only for flaunting their very own brand and products in different countries and areas, but also for enough time recognized German handmade art and design, and even for the confirmation of distribute and development of artisan workmanship which seeking to perfect under the influence of technologies, life and other factors. This is the craftsmen’s satisfaction and commitment to their very own brand name that incurred a few of look with question and suspicion in the last century. Determination and improvement is definitely the world's most everlasting concept. UGO CABRET tradesmen never ever believe the so-called “cheap and fine”, the brand’s unique technologies and production standards make the cost of its item much higher than that created by automatic set up collection, but each one of these created UGO CABRET ".

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Brand name is really a practice. To devote lifetime to some art, a profession, along with a idea is exactly what UGO CABRET is performing now. UGO CABRET has with its century of artisan craftsmanship and unequalled artisan mindset casted a pearl in the history of the worldwide handicraft business!

Artisan craftsmanship and unequalled artisan mindset casted

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Company Name:UGO CABRET

City, Country: München, Germany

Address: Otto-Hahn-Ring 681739 München

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  1. Address: Otto-Hahn-Ring 681739 München.
  2. Mr. Ugo Cabret, the founding father of UGO CABRET, was born in an ordinary family.
  3. City, Country: München, Germany.
  4. "Good personnel are always more accurate and much more flexible.

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