Medicam Restricted Announces Purchase of Mineral Normal water5958

Medicam Constrained Announces Acquisition of Vitamin Water Rights and Motives to Package the Finest Normal water on this planet Brand name VolcanicSprings® Attach Cameroun Aquifer Cameroon (Nov. 14, 2016)

  1. The Business is already in technique of finalizing the right funding to.
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  3. Douala, Cameroon-( 11/14/16) - Medicam Minimal Reg#M041300046246J (“Medicam” or even.

Douala, Cameroon-( 11/14/16) - Medicam Constrained Reg#M041300046246J (“Medicam” or perhaps the “Company”), a cutting-edge investment and improvement business headquartered in Douala, publicizes the award of vitamin normal water privileges through the Ministry of Water finish Electrical power Authorization Decree - 000901/MINEE/SG/DE 2014. The Corporation intends to develop its factory and drill in the slope of Install Cameroun found in the To the south Western place of Cameroon. invest in Cameroon

The Cause of Mount Cameroon: Real, Light-weight very easily digestible, natural nutrient drinking water grabbed by VolcanicSprings® in the ski slopes of Attach Cameroon our concession is on a federally shielded region which happens to be free from all pollutions. This normal filtration of Volcanic Stones gives our normal water exceptional purity. VolcanicSprings® drinking water is not going to have Salt or Sulfates rendering it secure for children and pregnant women.

Volcanic Stones

‘Its our purpose to bottle probably the most pristine water on the planet in 1.5 liter bottles offered throughout the CEMAC region of 60 million people. The industry keeps growing as requirement for clean water is at huge demand. We decide to be innovative within our product packaging and advertising. The Company believes the lower expense and profit is well worth the risk from levels of competition. Our TV/Stereo/Produce press divisions power to attain masses will offer us a unique advantages. ‘The Firm notices prospective in marketing window bottles for your international marketplace to ensure the world could enjoy this remarkable gift in the earth.’ Alexander D. Powers Chief executive of Medicam Restricted.

Levels of competition Our TV Stereo Produce

The Company is currently in procedure of completing the proper financing to build up its surgical procedures. The Company is ready to accept conversation of probable purchase and tactical partners.

The proper financing to build up its

Medicam Minimal, subsidiary Key African Reconstruction and Advancement Constrained is devoted to the creation of Main African Republic. Medicam is devoted to be portion of the reconstruction and development of the nation. Medicam along with its administration staff are actively forward and backward from Cameroon to RCA in both advisory and trader capacity. Medicam Limited

The reconstruction and development of

The Key African Republic (Automobile; Sango: Ködörösêse tî Bêafrîka; French: République centrafricaine or Centrafrique is really a landlocked country in Key Africa. It really is bordered by Chad on the north, Sudan towards the northeast, South Sudan for the eastern, the Democratic Republic of your Congo as well as the Republic of the Congo south and Cameroon to the western side. The CAR handles a land area of about 620,000 rectangular kilometres (240,000 sq mi) along with approximately human population of about 4.7 million.

Publique centrafricaine or Centrafrique

Even with its significant nutrient deposit, along with other solutions, for example uranium reserves, crude oil, golden, diamonds, cobalt, wood, and hydropower, and also significant quantities of arable territory, the Main African Republic is among the 10 poorest places worldwide. Since 2014, in accordance with the Man Advancement List (HDI), the nation had the next lowest degree of human being development, rating 187th out of 188 places.

The Man Advancement List

Medicam Minimal was founded in 2013 from the Republic of Cameroon. Medicam is composed of a multi-nationwide administration team. Medicam group’s main concentrate is usually to be a frontrunner in the introduction of Cameroon into an Emerging Industry just before 2035 goal goals. The Organization is certified proprietor or asset owner of the Loterie Nationale Du Cameroun, minerals, media enjoyment, water/refreshment, health care, shield, agriculture, property improvement, lending institution finance, standard consulting, package facilitation.

Administration team

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  • The Key African Republic (Automobile; Sango: Ködörösêse tî Bêafrîka; French: République centrafricaine.

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